WASHINGTON, DC – "Those of us in the social justice and human services sectors all want to make the world a better place. We understand that not everyone will share our views, but we're often puzzled and frustrated when the facts we wield don't win more converts. Enter the team at FrameWorks. Not only do they have a compelling explanation for why we aren't communicating effectively, their research with real people gives us evidence-based, field-tested language to reframe our conversations to ensure we're getting results. In the field of juvenile justice, the dominant media frame we struggle against sees crime as entirely a matter of individual choice, necessitating a harsh, punitive response to "send a message." FrameWorks' field-tested metaphors and recommended message structure change the conversation so that our audiences think begin to think of the justice system *as* a system -- which makes them far more open to more effective responses that are better for youth and which actually keep communities safer. I'm still learning how to use what FrameWorks has taught me, but I've been so impressed that I've become an evangelist for reframing with our member organizations across the country. That, in a nutshell, shows the influence FrameWorks is having -- giving us all the tools we need to truly change the world."

— Benjamin Chambers, Communications Director, National Juvenile Justice Network