Train with FrameWorks

Our versatile training team designs powerful learning experiences that help communicators make the thorniest communications decision of all: what to emphasize and what to leave unsaid. We work directly with communicators to ground their practice in communications research, embrace strategic and sustainable approaches to talking about social issues, and to become more powerful storytellers on today’s most pressing problems.

Virtual Seminars. FrameWorks creates and presents customized, live virtual seminars and seminar series for research sponsors, coalitions, and other groups, in order to help funders and advocates understand and use framing research and recommendations.  These webinars are highly visual - incorporating compelling video data that show how frames effect public thinking - and highly practical - demonstrating concretely how the recommendations might change advocacy communications. Webinars offer ideal opportunities for groups large and small to access new information and to stimulate buy-in from key stakeholders.

Workshops. FrameWorks conducts half- to full-day workshops designed to meet the needs of specific groups. These theory-to-practice sessions explore framing concepts and research, and provide opportunities for participants to begin to apply recommendations to their own communications practice. Workshops are engaging and participatory, moving quickly from structured presentation to interactive group activities. Participants become conversant with framing theory and practice, recognize problematic and optimal framing strategies, get practice in deconstructing and reconstructing communications, and explore the potential of Strategic Frame Analysis™ in building issue coalitions. 

FrameLab. For groups and networks eager to coordinate messaging and better mobilize their coalition, FrameWorks offers more intensive trainings that involve 20-30 participants who make a substantial commitment of time and intellectual engagement.  To give participants adequate time to learn, reflect, and increase their effectiveness, a FrameLab typically spans a six-month period. During this period, participants cycle through a customized curriculum that includes a variety of learning activities, both online and in-person. Because a set of shared core messages are diffused into a field of practice, FrameLabs are ideal preparation for launching a reframed narrative, preparing for a major public policy opportunity, or building a constituency around a specific issue.

Spokesperson Trainings. For those who are tasked with public communications – to media, citizens groups, members, etc. – FrameWorks offers training in how to use framing in verbal communications. We are among a very few organizations in the country that engage advocates, practitioners, and experts in the science of communications, focusing more on substance than on the surface. We teach how durable cultural models get in the way of understanding, for example, rather than how to look good on camera. Communicators learn to avoid reinforcing deficit beliefs or misconceptions and how to create opportunities to advance their key messages.