Welcome to Talking Transitional Work - a CD compendium of new research on how Minnesotans think about transitional jobs programs, the problems they address and the constituencies they benefit. This work was conducted for Lifetrack Resources, one of the largest private nonprofit employment service providers in the state of Minnesota, and supported by a grant from the Joyce Foundation. Each year, Lifetrack Resources provides employment, early childhood, and rehabilitation therapy services, helping 15,000 people in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area develop their strengths for independence and self sufficiency. Based on new communications research, the FrameWorks Institute offers an array of application materials to help service providers and advocates communicate the vision and the value of transitional work programs. This disk includes the following:

    About This CD

      A. "Barriers to Public Engagement with Transitional Work: Visibility, Worthiness and Efficacy, November 2004.
      B. "Communities that Work: An Analysis of Qualitative Research Exploring Perceptions of Lifetrack Programs and Policies, March 2005.

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      "Making the Public Case for Transitional Jobs Programs in Minnesota - A FrameWorks Message Memo, April 2005.

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