Welcome to Talking Health Care in New Hampshire - a CD compendium of new research on how Granite State residents think about health care and application materials to help communicators engage the public in solutions to health care problems. This CD was developed with support from the HNHfoundation and the Endowment for Health, which also supported the research and applications on which it is based. This disk includes the following:

    About This CD

      A. Patients Before Profits: Reforming the American Health Care System
      B. Health Insurance and the Consumer Stance: Findings from the Cognitive Elicitations in New Hampshire
      C. Getting Covered: An Analysis of Qualitative Research Regarding Health Care in New Hampshire
      D. A Content Analysis of Media Coverage of Health Care and the Uninsured 2002
      E. Helping the Public Reason about Health Coverage: Findings from TalkBack Testing of Simplifying Models
      F. New Hampshire Speaks Out on Health Care: An Analysis of Survey Research

    Message Memos
      A. "Making the Public Case for Improving Health Care in New Hampshire: A FrameWorks Message Memo"

      A. Talking Points
      B. Sample Op/Ed
      C. Sample TV Responses
      D. Sample Speech
      E. FAQs
      F. News Release

      A. FrameWorks Toolkit
      B. FrameWorks E-Workshop
      C. A FrameWorks Bibliography
      D. Web sites

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