Welcome to Talking Health Care in Arizona - a CD compendium of new research on how Arizonans think about health care and application materials to help communicators engage the public in solutions to health care problems. Part of a multi-state investigation conducted by the FrameWorks Institute for funders concerned about public attitudes toward health care in their states, this project has looked at the underlying values and frames of reference that Americans bring to discussions of health care problems and proposed solutions. Where relevant, research and applications from other states are included. This CD was developed by the FrameWorks Institute for St. Luke's Health Initiatives and includes the following:

    About This CD

    Arizona Research
      A. "On the Path to Reform: An Analysis of Qualitative Research Exploring Public Perceptions of Health Care in Arizona"
      B. "Highlights from a Survey of Arizonans on Health Care Issues"

    Additional Research from Collaborating States
      A. "Californians on Health Care: A Meta-Analysis of Public Opinion"
      B. "Health Insurance and the Consumer Stance: Findings from the Cognitive Elicitations in New Hampshire"
      C. "Human Right, Consumer Right, and Mechanism: How Californians Think About Health Coverage"
      D. "Urgent Care: An Analysis of Qualitative Research Explaining Public Perceptions of Health Care in California"
      E. "Helping the Public Reason about Health Coverage: Findings from TalkBack Testing of Simplifying Models"
      F. "Californians Speak Out on Health Care: An Analysis of Survey Research"

    Message Memos
      A. "Framing Health Insurance Reform in Arizona for Public Understanding and Support: A FrameWorks Message Memo,"
      B. "Summary of Research Results on Framing Health Care Reform in California: An Overview"

      A. Talking Points
      B. Sample Op/Ed
      C. Sample TV Responses
      D. Sample Speech
      E. FAQs

      A. FrameWorks Toolkit
      B. FrameWorks E-Workshop

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