Welcome to Minnesotans Talk About Youth Issues - a CD compendium of new research on how Minnesotans think about youth, their developmental needs and the policies and programs that would advance their healthy development. Based on this research, the FrameWorks Institute offers an array of application materials to help communicators engage the public in positive approaches to adolescent development. This CD was developed for the Out-of-School Time Partnership with support from the McKnight Foundation, 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program/Minnesota Department of Education, Federal Child Care Development Program/Minnesota Department of Human Services and the University of Minnesota. This disk includes the following:

    About This CD

      A. How Two Biases Work Against Support for Youth Development Programs: Findings from the Cognitive Elicitations
      B. A Developmental Perspective: An Analysis of Qualitative Research Exploring Views of Youth Programs

    Message Memo
      Making the Case for Youth Programs: the Minnesota Research - A FrameWorks Message Memo

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