Welcome to Talking Food Systems � a CD compendium of new research on how Americans think about the food we eat, the way it is produced and delivered, and the policies that affect it. Also included are new applications materials, based on the research findings, that can help engage the public in understanding food policies, potential reforms and solutions to pressing problems. This CD was developed by the FrameWorks Institute for the W. K. Kellogg Foundation�s Food and Society Program. Standard rules governing citation and intellectual property usage apply.

About This CD
Message Memo: �Framing the Food System�
Review of previous public opinion research
Cognitive elicitations with ordinary people in four states
Cognitive analysis of representative news stories
Cognitive analysis of food advocates� materials
Focus groups in five states
Development of a simplifying model for the food system
National priming survey
Simplifying Models in Action
Talking Food Systems Using Simplifying Models: A Trigger Video
How to Use the Simplifying Model
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs )
Talking Points
Sample Speech
Sample Editorial
Sample Radio Interview
Framing Public Issues Toolkit
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Links to FrameWorks� interactive eworkshop