To elevate oral health issues, experts, advocates, and communications professionals need framing strategies that have the power to dislodge unproductive patterns of thinking and spark new, more productive ways to engage the public. This multimedia toolkit provides strategic framing recommendations and communications tools that are grounded in evidence and equip advocates to communicate more effectively with the public.

In this toolkit, you will find:

Framing Recommendations

Read the strategic framing recommendations, study the research behind them, and learn how to apply them to your communications practice. This section also explores communications tactics to avoid.

Communications Tools

Download the suite of messaging resources. These tools include an integrated mix of frame elements, such as values, metaphors, explanations, and solutions statements; annotated examples of applied framing; and ready-to-go communications materials.

Deeper Research and Learning

Strategic framing is an empirical process. Dive into this interactive learning module to understand the basics of how cultural models influence public understanding in order to communicate productively.

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