Sexual Violence

sexual violence

What are public perceptions of what constitutes sexual violence? What can be done to expand people’s understanding on this issue? The report and flash presentation offered below examine both the expert discourse on sexual violence and how Americans talk and think about the topic.

Our Funders:

Support for FrameWorks’ research and message development on Sexual Violence was provided by the The National Sexual Violence Research Center.

Research & Recommendations

American Perceptions of Sexual Violence: A FrameWorks Research Report (2010).
This report illustrates the results of a cross-national study based on in-depth interviews from both experts and average Americans on Sexual Violence. This study comprises the following three components: 1) an analysis of the discourse on sexual violence from expert interviews, 2) one-on-one cognitive interviews with Americans, and 3) a comparative analysis that “maps the gaps” between expert and lay understandings of this topic. The report concludes with a set of recommendations that will improve communications practice around this issue and inform the next phase of research.

Our Products and Tools

Sexual Violence: The Pictures in People’s Heads (a video presentation)
This 15-minute video presentation on Sexual Violence provides an overview of the key findings from the report, “American Perceptions of Sexual Violence.” The presentation includes audio excerpts from interviews conducted in the field that demonstrate the ways average Americans think about Sexual Violence.

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  Updated: 06/24/16