Commercialism in Schools


In 2007, FrameWorks Institute conducted research on how Kansas residents think about commercialism in public schools. Funded by Kansas Action for Children, the goals of this project were to improve the public’s understanding of the impact of marketing on children’s health and development, and to eliminate commercial activity in public schools. FrameWorks’ research task was to situate the question of commercialism in broader concerns about the public and private environments affecting children’s development.

Our Funder

Support for FrameWorks' research and message development on Commercialism in Schools was generously provided by Kansas Action for Children.

Research & Recommendations

A comprehensive strategic message memo, Private Enterprise in Public Schools: Communicating School Commercialization (2007) synthesizes our research findings and recommends strategies to communicate more effectively about school commercialism

Patterns in Newspaper Coverage of School Commercialization (2007). This media content analysis was undertaken to identify the common frames used in the news to communicate issues related to commercial activity in schools.

Keeping our Schools Afloat (2007). This report shares the results of a series of cognitive interviews that were conducted to determine the mental models people use to reason about commercial activity in schools.

Discussing School Commercialization: A Focus Group Report about Kansans’ Views of Corporate Advertising in Public and Private Schools (2007). This report shares the results of a series of focus groups which were conducted to test new narratives that may improve the public’s understanding of the impact of commercial activity in schools on children’s health and development.

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