Frames need sponsors: communicators who can elevate and redefine an issue, attract new constituencies, and build public and political will. To move research-based reframing strategies into the public square, FrameWorks Institute partners with philanthropies, NGOs, coalitions, scientists, and experts to support them in becoming more effective and powerful framers. As a result, entire organizations, coalitions, and sectors can align their communications and amplify a new frame.

The Research Interpretation and Application team  at FrameWorks – a specialized knowledge mobilization unit - is dedicated to this work. Through group skill-building workshops, online courses, individual coaching, and strategic consultation, expert facilitators build the capacity of issue advocates to use communications to build public understanding, cultivate public will, and move policy.

Nonprofit professionals who are immersed in FrameWorks approach learn much more than a set of tested talking points. They adopt and internalize a thoughtful, evidence-based, truly strategic approach to communications for social good.