Nuclear Security

Proponents of nuclear disarmament face many challenges, one of which is a communications dilemma. The prospect of a nuclear disaster is, of course, scary. Cognitive science tells us that fear frames make people less likely, not more likely, to engage in the issue. On the other hand, if the issue isn’t salient for the public, there is less reason for policymakers to engage. How can advocates use communications more powerfully so that more people take action to minimize nuclear risks and create a safer, more secure world?

With funding from NSquare Collaborative, a nonprofit organization working to eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons, FrameWorks researchers are investigating the communications aspects of nuclear risk. This work builds on FrameWorks’ multiyear effort to document how Americans understand global issues. 

Research & Recommendations

**NEW** An Unthinkable Problem from a Bygone Era: How to Make Nuclear Risk and Disarmament a Salient Social Issue (2016). This report compares how members of the public and social elites think about nuclear risk and disarmament and offers strategies that proponents can use to raise the salience of nuclear issues.

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  Updated: 08/08/16