K12: Equity & Disparities

Reframing School Discipline: A Strategic Communications Playbook (2017)

Major advancements toward restorative approaches have been put forth by school discipline reform advocates. Strong frames are needed to protect that progress, though. "Reframing School Discipline" integrates the findings of new studies conducted with support from the Open Society Foundations Racial Equality Fund and insights from dozens of other FrameWorks studies, including projects on framing educational equity and juvenile justice reform.

Mapping the Gaps on Disparities in Education
This interactive multi-media report maps the gaps between expert explanations and public understandings of why some students and schools do better than others. Data from interviews with both educational experts and lay informants are compared to examine gaps in understanding that can be addressed through strategic communications strategies. Audio data from cultural models interviews are used to illustrate key findings.

Cognitive Media Analysis of Disparities in the Education System (2013).
This report is part of a series that analyzes media discourses regarding learning, education and education reform and how these discourses impact public understanding of these issues. FrameWorks researchers identified dominant media frames related to educational disparities.  Relevant stories were drawn from newspapers across the country, television broadcasts and news-oriented blogs between October 1, 2010 through October 1, 2011.

“Her Daughter Was One of Them”: How Personal Narratives Attach to Public Issues in Mississippi News Coverage (2010).
This report examines 12 months of newspaper reporting in Mississippi, from January 2009 through January 2010, on five general subject areas: race and racism, education, health and health care, child development, and children’s health and well-being. The majority of coverage across issue areas tended towards individual explanations and solutions to what are fundamentally social and structural problems. The state of coverage of these issues is an important opportunity for advocates and experts in these issue areas to move coverage in more thematic or contextualized directions.

Invisible Structures of Opportunity: How Media Depictions of Race Trivialize Issues of Diversity and Disparity (2009)
This analysis was supported by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation to examine the various ways in which race is presented to readers, directly and indirectly, in the nation’s news media. More specifically, it analyzes media coverage of race over the course of one year in four issue areas: health, education, early child development and employment.  The report lays out the dominant frames that are applied to race in these areas and demonstrates how these frames constrain public solutions.