International Issues


This research will develop a core story of early childhood development and child mental health customized to the Australian cultural context, one that can be deployed to advance communications efforts around children's issues throughout the country.


FrameWorks is engaged in a three-year project in collaboration with the Global Children's Initiative of the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, the Fundação Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal, in São Paulo, and the Bernard van Leer Foundation.


For the last five years the FrameWorks Institute has conducted research in Canada to reframe the public conversation about early childhood development and the early roots of addiction.


How do you expand understandings of mental health and prevention approaches among policymakers and members of the public in Germany?

Global Interdependence

From 1999- 2001, FrameWorks Institute was commissioned by the Aspen Institute to conduct a series of research projects to determine how Americans think about global interdependence.

Nuclear Security

This report compares how members of the public and social elites think about nuclear risk and disarmament and offers strategies that proponents can use to raise the salience of nuclear issues.

South Africa

In 2014, FrameWorks partnered with UNICEF and two universities in South Africa to develop an evidence-based communications strategy to help the South African public understand and support programs and services that promote healthy development in early childhood. The first phase of research was completed in 2016.


FrameWorks continues its work on children’s issues with a new project in the United Kingdom on child cruelty.

FrameWorks Institute

  Updated: 06/24/16