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Welcome to Swamped! A New Interactive Gaming Tool from FrameWorks Institute!

Talking about Education + Budgets and Taxes, featuring SWAMPED!—a compendium of research and resources on how Americans think about two important issue topics: the role of budgets and taxes, and how to increase public support for policies and programs that support reforms to improve America’s educational system.

Based on a decade of FrameWorks’ research and field practice on budgets and taxes and education, this toolkit provides supplemental application materials, guides, and resources to front-line communicators for deploying recommended reframe strategies to shift the public conversation about both education reform and the role of budgets and taxes. It is complemented by an interactive, hands-on game, called SWAMPED!, designed to help experts and advocates improve and/or refine their framing practice in ways that combine reframing recommendations for both budgets and taxes and education issue areas.

Play Swamped! The Game

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Ed + B&T: "SWAMPED! in Education and Budgets and Taxes" is a new, interactive tool that shows you how to take control of your messaging strategy through short, interactive exercises that focus on the most popular do’s and don’ts framers can make when linking education messaging goals to government and fiscal policies.

Swamped! The Game

ECD + B&T: In "SWAMPED! in Early Childhood Development and Budgets and Taxes"

Players will be led through the swamp of cultural models on ECD and budgets and taxes to find out what happens when the two issues come together.