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In 2008, FrameWorks began a multi-year investigation of American thinking about education in general and education reform in specific. Funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and the Lumina Foundation for Education, the goal of this project is to document patterns in public thinking about all levels of the American education system, and to explore the challenges and opportunities that confront those who would reshape the public conversation to support comprehensive reform.

Our Funders

Support for FrameWorks' research and message development on Education was provided by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and the Lumina Foundation for Education

Research & Recommendations

The Proper Attitude: Challenges in Framing Higher Education Reform — A FrameWorks MessageMemo (2010).  Can higher education be integrated into an education reform agenda and, if so, what is the best way to do this in order to advance not only higher education policies but also to continue to advance an overall reform agenda? This MessageMemo provides a secondary analysis of FrameWorks’ research on education from the perspective of higher education and presents new quantitative findings and recommendations to answer these questions.

College Bound: The Effects of Values Frames on Attitudes Toward Higher Education Reform (2010). This study expands upon a previous survey that examined the impact of values frames in support for progressive education reform.  Here, six more detailed values frames were tested to assess their ability to move support for educational reforms, particularly with regard to higher education.

The Higher Education Trigger Video

The Higher Education Trigger Video is an overview of the explanatory metaphors and values developed and tested to help the public better understand the American higher education system and how to reform it. As you'll see, the higher education system presented its own unique set of reframing challenges.

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