Adolescent Substance Use

In adolescence, the brain goes through an intense period of construction, a period of “heightened neuroplasticity” when changes in neural wiring are easier to make. This sensitivity makes youth substance use particularly risky.

Child Nutrition

This research was developed for advocates who seek to improve the programs and policies important to child health and wellness that are included in the federal Child Nutrition and WIC Act.

Community Health

Social, physical, political and economic environments – which vary widely from town to town and even from neighborhood to neighborhood – have a strong effect on the health not only of individuals, but of entire communities, and the country as a whole.

Environmental Health

Building and sustaining healthy environments is one of government’s core responsibilities to its citizens.

Food Systems

This research was designed to explain the public conversation Americans are inclined to have about food, and the perceptual barriers that get in the way of their understanding of the larger food...

Health Informatics

As the field of public health works to achieve better population health outcomes, public health informatics provides vital support to those who do this work.


This project addresses the critical need to reframe the public discourse about healthy housing.

Oral Health

Watch Your Mouth™ is a multi-media public awareness campaign created by FrameWorks to help increase the public’s understanding of the issue of children’s oral health and the community-based solutions needed to address the nation’s most common, chronic disease of childhood: dental decay.

Urban Nature

In recent years, there has been increasing attention paid by scientists and public health experts to the salutary effects of nature in urban contexts.

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  Updated: 04/13/16