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Moving social issues requires different strategies, tactics, and messages than moving consumer products. FrameWorks advises social change communicators, drawing from our unparalleled base of original research on the communications aspects of social problems. Here are some of the ways we offer strategic direction for communications efforts.

FrameCheck®. A FrameCheck® maximizes the potential of a highly visible communication, whether it be a major report, presentation, film or PSA script, or a complete campaign. In this confidential process, FrameWorks senior staff edits, revises, and/or suggests changes to draft communications to align them with the findings of our research, while maintaining fidelity to the original intent of the communication.

Campaign Briefs. Campaign Briefs are condensed and strategic distillations of implications of framing research that inform communications on a given issue.  This strategic document directs the development of sets of creative products that, together, comprise the foundation for a coordinated campaign promoting public understanding of an issue. By anchoring these activities in a single communications platform, a real “campaign” is achieved, as contrasted with an array of disconnected activities – and by relying on extensive, scholarly research that identifies strategies that can shift policy preferences, the campaign can better align its efforts to its goals.

Communications Partner Selection and Support. When philanthropies or coalitions invest in staff to lead a reframing initiative or engage a full-service communications firm to design or execute campaign collateral, it is important to ensure that these partners have the talent and temperament required to elevate the debate, not just the issue. FrameWorks assists with selecting these critical partners and provides ongoing consultation and feedback on communications efforts.