Gender Equity

gender equality

In 2000, FrameWorks launched a series of research studies on gender equity in education. Commissioned by the Schott Foundation, this project included in-depth interviews with parents, educators and administrators in Massachusetts and a review of public opinion on education, race and gender.

Our Funders

This project was generously funded by the Schott Foundation, whose mission is to develop and strengthen a broad-based and representative movement to achieve fully resourced, high quality preK-12 public education.

Research & Recommendations

Gender Equity in Schools (2000).  Cognitive interviews conducted by FrameWorks show that most people are aware of and accept the fact that inequities exist in American society, but they draw a strong distinction between the world and the classroom. This report, based on 20 in-depth interviews with Massachusetts community members, offers a preliminary map of the most relevant cultural models that guide American’s thinking about gender equity in schools.

Education, Gender and Race: A Review of Current Public Opinion (2000).  This comprehensive review of existing public opinion research reports American attitudes to gender equity in schools and education in general.

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  Updated: 06/24/16