Framing On Social Media

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Our public square is now largely virtual. Most adults use online social networking sites, often to participate in civic behaviors, and most nonprofit organizations use social media to communicate with the public. But what does meaningful issue engagement look like on social media? It’s not just about spreading messages through clicks, views, and shares. It’s about spreading the right messages in the right way. Followers matter, but not more than frames. FrameWorks has conducted research into how nonprofit organizations can frame messages so they build public understanding and support for issues—even in 140 characters or less.

Webinar: Tips for Framing on Social Media
August 2016
Tweets are headlines, and headlines are great opportunities to frame. FrameWorks Learning Associate Mackenzie Price offers this advice and more about framing on social media.

Advocating for Aging Services in a Digital World
Jan. 25, 2016
Julie Sweetland, FrameWorks’ vice president for strategy and innovation, explores the possibilities and perils of communicating on social media for Aging Today. Followers matter, she concludes, but not more than frames.

Reframing Issues in the Digital Age: Using Social Media Strategically
Aug. 29, 2014
Julie Sweetland, FrameWorks’ vice president for strategy and innovation, and Rob Shore, a filmmaker and strategic communications expert, explain how to use “clicks,” “views,” and “likes” to tell a story that helps people understand complex social issues.

Telling Stories Out of School: Reframing the Education Conversation through a Core Story Approach
This communications toolkit, produced by FrameWorks in 2016, includes an interactive tutorial on how to diffuse framing research on education in social media.