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Frame Files:
  • Fairness as a Frame There’s fairness and then there’s fairness. FrameWorks’ field collaborators have been understandably confused by the outcomes of this frame as it has played out in our research across issue areas. This FrameByte examines the ways that the frame of Fairness is used to promote different social issues and offers ways for communicators to successfully incorporate it into materials. 
  • Strategic Framing During the Economic Downturn: Remembering the Long View  As social issues advocates across the country confront the serious economic challenges in their states, it is particularly important to rely on evidenced-based communications strategies in our efforts to support and maintain essential public structures. This FrameByte explains why telling crisis stories, and offering vivid, personal examples of victims of the economic downturn are ill advised strategies. The essay also suggests ways that communications strategies can help fill the gaps in public thinking that impede productive understanding of solutions to the current economic situation.
Framing Essentials
Elements of the Frame