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Through knowledge mobilization efforts, FrameWorks supports major foundations, leading experts, advocacy organizations, and coalitions in reframing their issues for the public. By building the capacity of experts and advocates to use social science research to shape their communications, FrameWorks amplifies efforts to translate scientific findings for the public, align policy with evidence, and improve outcomes in communities. Here, a few of our partners share their experiences with FrameWorks.

Prominent communicators discuss how Strategic Frame Analysis has amplified their impact.


Chicago Community Trust

The Frameworks Institute has been extraordinarily instrumental in helping us in Chicago to examine the dominant public narrative about education and how to frame more effective messages.
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Jenna Fournel, Communications and Alliance Strategist at National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

The FrameWorks Institute has fueled a sea change in the way the National Council of Teachers of English communicates about its work. As a 100-year-old organization rooted in activism and the power of language we have always been thoughtful about our words, but the strategies FrameWorks introduced us to give us new ways to ensure those words can lead to change.
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Evelyn Wotherspoon, MSW, Child Mental Health Consultant, Evelyn Wotherspoon and Associates, Ltd., Calgary Alberta Canada

I first heard of FrameWorks in 2007 when I was completing a Fellowship with Zero To Three (ZTT). My fellowship project was to complete a series of child welfare information sheets on the impact of neglect and child trauma on infants and on how to support infants in foster care.
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Colleen Bridger, MPH, PhD, Orange County Health Director

I’ve used their approach to explain a variety of health policy issues to our stakeholders and residents.
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Benjamin Chambers, Communications Director, National Juvenile Justice Network

Those of us in the social justice and human services sectors all want to make the world a better place. We understand that not everyone will share our views, but we're often puzzled and frustrated when the facts we wield don't win more converts. Enter the team at Frameworks.
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