Introduction to Strategic Frame Analysis™ eWorkshop   


Changing the Conversation about Social Problems: A Beginner’s Guide to Strategic Frame Analysis provides an introduction to FrameWorks’ method of communicating for social change. This hour-long module explains some of the basic elements of Strategic Frame Analysis and provides opportunities to test your knowledge.

"Changing the Conversation about Social Problems: A Beginner's Guide to Strategic Frame Analysis"

Issue-Specific eWorkshops   

FrameWorks Institute’s issue- specific eWorkshops are hour-long, web-based tools that provide highly accessible reviews of FrameWorks’ research and recommendations on a given issue area.  Typically, these self-paced learning modules feature a variety of audio-visual elements, as well as an array of engaging interactive exercises.  As such, they are ideal for students of framing who wish to reinforce their learning. The modules have also been used to train advocates who have not attended a FrameWorks workshop.

"Education Nation: Building the Public Will for Education Reform"

"Watch Your Mouth: A FrameWorks eWorkshop on Children's Oral Health"

How to Talk About the American Food System

“How to Talk About Rural America” 

"Framing Food and Fitness as a Community Health Issue"