Evidence and Implementation

The most effective decision-makers share a firm commitment to grounding policies and programs in solid evidence. And the most effective practitioners know from experience that once a direction has been established, the journey of putting evidence-based solutions into practice is just beginning. Yet, while social issues professionals appreciate the basic concepts of “evidence” and “implementation,” experts who study these topics see the need to deepen the level of understanding across the nonprofit and public sectors.

Fields aren’t tapping the full range of evidence that is relevant to decision-making. Many advocates and experts only take into account findings from large, controlled, clinical trials, for example, and disregard other types of research that provide different perspectives. Fields are also underutilizing implementation science–a methodical approach to how to take policy and program recommendations “out of the lab” and put them into widespread practice.

To help experts better explain their insights into how we know what works, and how to do what works, FrameWorks is researching the communications aspects of evidence and implementation. Our work is supported by the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Research, Tools, and Applications

**NEW** “Just Do It”: Communicating Implementation Science and Practice (2015). This strategic report summarizes expert, professional, and public understandings of implementation science; outlines challenges facing communicators; and makes initial recommendations to reframe professional and public discourse around implementation.

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