CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA – "I first heard of FrameWorks in 2007 when I was completing a Fellowship with Zero To Three (ZTT). My fellowship project was to complete a series of child welfare information sheets on the impact of neglect and child trauma on infants and on how to support infants in foster care. I came across a series of scientific working papers summarizing information on early childhood development that were published by the Harvard Center on the Developing Child. I was immediately impressed by the amount of complex information they conveyed in simple, everyday language. One of the authors, Jack Shonkoff, was also a ZTT board member and I had the privilege of speaking to him about how the working papers had been developed. He said that the group placed as much emphasis how to communicate as it did on the contents. He told me about how FrameWorks had worked with the scientists to help them create accessible, relevant and scientifically accurate communications.

Many years later I had the opportunity to train with FrameWorks staff myself. I was introduced to the writings of Roger Schank. I learned about cultural frames and how my target audience was filtering my communications according to their own past learning and experiences. I learned how to start with what people already know to construct effective messages about young children at risk. I learned about the power of metaphors that had been tested by FrameWorks and refined for use by people just like me. I learned terms such as ‘the core story’, ‘toxic stress’ and ‘serve and return’. I have since put that training to use in my private practice as a court appointed parenting expert, author, presenter, and parenting coach. The audience response has been consistently positive.

In the past year I have trained over 1,000 professionals on how to use the core story of child development in reports, court testimony, and other communications. FrameWorks has been key to my success as a court expert and trainer."

— Evelyn Wotherspoon, MSW, Child Mental Health Consultant, Evelyn Wotherspoon and Associates, Ltd.,  Calgary Alberta Canada


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