Domestic Toxins

detox our homes brochureIn 2001, the NRDC commissioned research from the FrameWorks Institute to examine the issue of pet toxins and how the American public reasons about toxic chemicals in the home and in the garden. The research that was conducted for this project included a review of existing literature, a series of in-depth cognitive interviews with the public, a rapid ethnographic assessment, focus groups, and an original public opinion poll. The research findings have been applied in a pilot communications campaign in two test markets where paid and public service advertising have been developed and placed. The campaign was developed by FrameWorks with NRDC and is testing the impact on the public's preference for nontoxic products used in the home, the garden and with pets, as well as their broader understanding of environmental health risks. 

For more information about this project, please contact Linda Greer at the Natural Resources Defense Council, (202) 289-2377. 

FrameWorks Institute

  Updated: 06/24/16