Demographic Change

Demographic Change

From demographers to city planners, American experts are attuned to changes in the population structure that harbor both challenges and opportunities for our society in the future. Greater longevity, changing family structures, a shrinking workforce, more ethnic and racial diversity – these are all realities that require thoughtful policies if Americans are to meet the challenge of intergenerational interdependence. How do people think about these changes? What associations do they bring when talking about changes in our economic and cultural life that may affect generations differently? In this project, supported by the Generations Initiative and Next Generation, FrameWorks explores these and other questions at the heart of population change.

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“Talkin’‘Bout My Generation” Mapping the Gaps Between Expert and Public Understandings of Demographic Change in the U.S. — Multi-Media / PDF  (2014).

This report compares expert views with those of average Americans, revealing that many of the cultural models that dominate public thinking impede the efforts of organizations working to construct a policy environment that responds productively to the demographic transformations currently under way.

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  Updated: 06/24/16