Brazil: Climate Change


Climate change is a global issue, yet public understanding and political context differ from country to country. In 2015, the FrameWorks Institute supported a team of researchers to explore cultural attitudes and beliefs about climate change in Brazil, one of the world’s largest and most populous countries and home of the Amazon Rainforest, one of the planet’s richest and most diverse ecosystems. The goal of this work is to help environmental advocates in Brazil expand their communications capacity and build public support for systemic solutions to this pressing global challenge.

This report is the first step toward that goal. It summarizes research into how Brazilians think about the causes and consequences of climate change and how these understandings affect their perceptions of possible public policy solutions. It was supported by Instituto Arapyaú, a nonprofit organization in Sao Paolo that works to promote environmental sustainability, health, and wellbeing, and builds on other reframing initiatives conducted by FrameWorks in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.


Instituto Arapyaú, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Research & Recommendations

"O Clima Está Quente, Né?": Justaposições E Distanciamentos Entre Público e Especialistas Brasileiros Sobre As Mudanças Climáticas (2015). (It’s Hot, Isn’t It? Mapping the Gaps between the Brazilian Public and Experts on Climate Change).
This report, in Portuguese, lays the groundwork to reframe the public debate on climate change by comparing how experts and members of the public in Brazil talk and think about climate change. Drawing on qualitative interview data, it details a set of key communications challenges and presents initial strategies that advocates can use to overcome these challenges.

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  Updated: 06/01/17