Australia Early Childhood Development

This research will develop a core story of early childhood development and child mental health customized to the Australian cultural context, one that can be deployed to advance communications efforts around children's issues throughout the country. The goal is to build a narrative framework that unites and excites a field of practitioners around early child science communications and demonstrates the ability to shift and expand the public conversation around early child development in Australia.

FrameWorks is collaborating with The Centre for Community Child Health at The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne to support the important work the Centre does on behalf of children across Australia.


The collaboration has been made possible with the support of The Benevolent Society, Berry Street, the Brotherhood of St Laurence, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (Victoria), the Department of Education (Australia), Early Childhood Australia, Goodstart Early Learning, Mission Australia, the Parenting Research Centre, The Smith Family and UNICEF Australia.

Research & Recommendations

Modernity, Morals, and More Information: Mapping the Gaps Between Expert and Public Understandings of Early Child Development in Australia (2014): This report lays the groundwork for a larger effort to reframe the public conversation around early child development in Australia by comparing how experts and members of the Australian public talk and think about this issue. Using qualitative data from in-depth interviews, the report details a set of key communications challenges and presents initial strategies to address them.

Finding the Southern Cross: A FrameWorks MessageMemo for the Centre for Community Child Health (2014) / (PDF): This comprehensive strategic MessageMemo synthesizes FrameWorks' research findings and provides a communications map for improving the Australian public’s understanding of early child development and their support for solutions that experts and advocates seek to advance.


This video summarizes FrameWorks' findings on which values tested most effective in orienting respondents in policy-based ways to the issue of Early Childhood Development.


Framing Child Development and Care in AustraliaThis toolkit is a collection of framing research, recommendations, and sample communications designed to help leading voices in the child development and care sector communicate about early childhood development in a way that builds public understanding and increases support for evidence-based programs and policies designed to improve child and social outcomes in Australia. 

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  Updated: 06/04/15